Get Lost in Meaningful Work, Lose the Pursuit of Meaningless Money!

"If you are doing work that you cannot get lost in time doing, you're wasting your time." -Some wise, unknown philosopher


Recently, I was confronted with the opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Obviously, just hearing those numbers just grabs my attention. I was like a dog rabbit with a carrot being dangled in front of me, not knowing that the thing that is dangling it is a fishing rod strapped to my butt. 

See, I've been here before. I've had opportunities to make money doing many things. Some of those things I've succeeded in, and some I have failed in. All of those opportunities helped me to learn more about who I am, but those lessons came at a hefty price. 

I've experienced everything from suffering from mental break downs, denouncing my faith, losing my self-esteem and falling into depression chasing after "the bag." Other things that I have chased after was the "ideal" scenario; ideal marriage, ideal persona, ideal career, ideal amount of money or social status. I know these chases very well. I do not always remember that I know these chases but writing and journalling about it helps me to come back to it. 

All in all, I've learned a few things. The "ideal" scenario, for lack of a better way to put this, IS A CROCK OF SHIT!

And when people get on social or on mainstream media flaunting their money, their designer, high priced items and experiences, and the "ideal" lifestyle....and other people are falling for it and internalizing this HOT GABBAGE....and then they start trying to go after that lifestyle and either drive themselves crazy trying to be something they are not, or they get so distracted by this that they lose track of their own unique journey and forget who they truly are.....


I needed a moment to go in on that part right there. 

But I've experienced the affects of the "chase for things and scenarios" at varying degrees. Nothing good comes out of it. And any time I get anxious about any part of my life (social status, financial status, relationship status, etc.), I know that I'm falling for the lie that the "ideal" can be found in these things. 

It is like a sales pitch for the worst pyramid scheme of all time. The "chase" only produces the intended result for a select few people. But many people buy into it and those at the top or ahead of the pitch are the only ones that gain from it. Most people lose. And even those people who obtained the intended result, most people lost something along the way. Their health, their mental, themselves, etc. And I have theories on why these select few people were able to produce the intended result through the "chase," but I will leave that for another blog post. 

See, I've learned that the only thing that is real in this scenario is the individual, unique journey that I must take for myself. Because it is only through this journey that I will be able to bring out and maximize on all the natural gifts and talents that I can contribute to this world. 

And even though the "ideal" scenario sales pitch is alluring, somewhere deep down inside me, I believe that I do not have to be something or someone that I am not to bring value to the world, which translates into dollars. In fact, I would argue that I would be most valuable to the world by abandoning this idea of "ideal" and focusing more on bringing out my natural talents, my natural passions, my natural attractions. This focus will allow me to find work that is meaningful to me, which will allow me to get lost in time doing it and will contribute to bettering my overall mental and physical health. 

You've heard of too many stories of people sacrificing their physical health to gain a lot of money in their younger years. Then they turn around and sacrifice their money to pay for their physical health in their older years. Some people sacrifice their physical health to get no money. Some people....well, you know where this is going. Any way, I am tired of that message. I would much rather hear stories of people who do are doing what they are passionate about, but they just so happen to be valuable enough to the world economy to get wealthy from it. An equally wonderful story would be those who are not all that wealthy, but they make a descent living doing something that is meaningful in their lives.

Even from a business perspective, these type of people would be easy to scale up from. They automatically do the work because that is apart of who they are. They just need to get in front of more people who are looking for their work. Get it?

This blog post has no structure. I am just ranting because of what I have discovered about myself through reflection and counsel. Money. Social status. That "ideal" relationship. Whatever "thing" that's out there that is supposed to bring you enjoyment and happiness. CROCK OF SHIT!.....on their own at least. But they are good if they come as a result of maximizing natural talents, abilities, passions, etc. They are simply the cherry on top of a fulfilled life. 

And it is at this point that I would like to thank those that helped me come to this conclusion. Pretty much everyone who has direct access to me, in my inner circle. Out of 7 billion people on the planet, I have you guys to help mold me into the man that I am today. Thank you all! 

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