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Get Lost in Meaningful Work, Lose the Pursuit of Meaningless Money! 

"If you are doing work that you cannot get lost in time doing, you're wasting your time." -Some wise, unknown philosopher


Recently, I was confronted with the opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Obviously, just hearing those numbers just grabs my attention. I was like a dog rabbit with a carrot being dangled in front of me, not knowing that the thing that is dangling it is a fishing rod strapped to my butt. 

See, I've been here before. I've had opportunities to make money doing many…

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Fear is a biznatch! 

Never worry, always wonder. 

Exhaust all options before concluding that something is not right for you. 

Be Grateful.

Learn to look within to find the answers you seek in life. And learn to trust that voice guiding you. When the direction is right, not just for you, but for everyone involved, you know that is God seeking expression through you. 

All of these sayings are helping me to overcome one of my greatest fears in life. It is the fear of disregarding all societal pressures. Pressures to be a good…

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